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The comprehensive documentation of one of the nerve recking travels that a human being has ever been involved in.

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90 Minutes Documentary

90 minutes of awesomeness, 90 minutes of sheer dedication, prepared to be amazed.

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The travel of Ferg Hawke through by far one the dangerous terrains on earth- Death Valley, California.

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Benefits of long-distance running


Physical activity of any form is good for our mind and body. But there are a few physical activities that benefit us in some ways that you can never imagine. One such activity is the long-distance running. The words might sound a bit simple, but the action is not as simple as it sounds. It takes a lot both physically and mentally to get into long distance running.

Here are some of the benefits of Long Distance running

Strengthening of Heart

One of the main benefits of long distance running is that it contributes to and elevates the functioning of the heart. This results in the proper circulation of blood all around the body. Having proper blood circulation increases the overall efficiency of the body.

Increase of Endurance

Long distance running has a very positive effect on the endurance of the human body. You will be visually able to experience an evident changeover in your body. The best part is that you won’t get tired as often as you get earlier.

Strengthening of Bones, Ligaments, and Tendons

Long distance running has a lot of positive effects on our body, physically. The most important ones that get strengthened are the bones, the ligaments, and the tendons. Due to the high stress that these parts go through their ability and strength increases automatically.


Better Breathing

You might think that our normal breathing is good. But our body really doesn’t use all the oxygen that we consume. Long distance running aids in the optimum usage of oxygen by our body.

Growth Of Capillaries

The growth of capillaries is one thing that you might not be able to notice, but due to increase in the blood flow, there is a significant amount of growth in capillaries.

Concentration of Enzymes

There are a few enzymes in the body that function as a tool to the breast the food that we consume and convert it into useful energy. The long-distance contributes to increasing the concentration of those enzymes.

Strengthening Of skeletal muscle fibers

The long-distance running contributes a lot in strengthening the skeletal muscles fibers. This results in the increase Myloclobin which facilitates the transfer of oxygen to the muscles.


Losing unwanted fat

A common thing that everyone would know, that running definitely aids in losing body fat. If normal running has so much effect, what would be the effects of long distance running? To give a better example observe the bodies of the marathon runners.

Fat burning capacity

Burning the fat, in general, is fine. But the bigger picture is that the average capacity of an individual to burn the fat is increased by long distance running.

The above listed are few of the positive effects that long-distance running has on our body. “The harder things in life are never achieved easily.”Long distance running is without second thoughts the best example for that.


A fabulous movie that examines how the average person attempts to find the limits to the human soul. Inspirational.


A stunning film and inspiring story.Light years better than any running movie out there.


The story of a man that has the heart and soul to go for it in one of the toughest races and one of the most hostile environments.